Wednesday, 3 July 2013

All good things must end...and start again...

I know everything has to end sooner or later. Harry Potter had to come to an end, though I'm still secretly hoping J.K. Rowling will write another one. (NERD!) David Tennant had to end as the Doctor and come this December Matt Smith's reign as The Doctor will come to an end.
It is just hard to let something go, thus why fans of Firefly are still going strong. However, when Veronica Mars abruptly ended I didn't think I would ever recover. I mean that was my Agatha Christie, or for those who don't know who she is Veronica Mars was the cooler version of Nancy Drew!
So when I heard that there was a fund raiser  for Veronica Mars on the internet I instantly became excited!! Especially when they earned enough money to MAKE THE MOVIE!!!
I loved that show, Kristin Bell was such a kick ass in it. I loved when she would say "I brought back up!" (by the way back up was the name of her dog).
I was with her from the beginning when she was trying to find out who killed her best friend Lilly. Or when she was stressing about Duncan being her brother. I gagged with her, since she had slept with him. I was also relieved with her when the paternity test came back negative. The show was gripping and smart. It didn't spell things out for you, no you had to figure things out with Veronica. And she wasn't some push over daisy. Oh no, Veronica pushed and pushed for answers. She got herself into tight spots more then once but she always found a way to get out of it. Or she was just plain saved. But the thing I loved about her the most was she never depended on someone to come and get her but her dad. He was the only one she relied on, and I liked that.
I can't wait till the movie comes out, finally after all this time!